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Terms & Privacy Policy

Lebanese Music School code of conduct and school polices must be adhered to at all times.


  1. Music Programs:

The Lebanese Music School offers 2 programs for the music department:


a. Amateur Program (without a certificate): The student chooses to learn an instrument as a hobby without having to pass any exam to get a diploma.


b. Academic Program (with a diploma): The music academic program is divided into 3 cycles (elementary, intermediate, advanced), each cycle spanning over 4 years depending on the student's progress. At the end of each the 3 cycles, students will undergo an exam in front of jury, formed of well-known professional musicians and composers. The Lebanese Music School is entitled to offer official diplomas from the Lebanese Government for any student who accomplishes one of the cycles of the study program. The student has to take courses in music education (Théorie, Solfège, Dictées, etc.) in addition to the instrument he's playing and pass the exams set by the school. Official diplomas are jointly issued by our school with the Conservatoire International de Musique de Paris (CIMP) and/or other 5 global partners that can be read on LMS website.


   2. Schedule:

a. The Lebanese Music School is closed on the following holidays: Christmas, New Year, Good Friday, Easter, Adha and Eid-al-Fitr. During feast periods (Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc…), it is strictly forbidden to change schedules.

b. It is required that students arrive few minutes earlier than their class in order not to miss any time from the period allocated to them. Late arrivals are not recuperated.

c. Lebanese Music School reserves the right to change schedule and teachers at any necessary time, the student will be reassigned an appropriate teacher.

d. It is mandatory that the parent or guardian of the student is inside or within the school premises 5 minutes before the class ends to ensure the student’s safety.


   3. Student's Absence:

a. Classes will not be recuperated in case of student's absence regardless of the reason except when the teacher is absent or the school is closed for reasons other than mentioned Holidays. It is very important that students advise the school administration of their absence at least 24 hours before their class in order to warn the teacher. The maximum cancellations and considerations are listed on the price list per course.

b. A make-up lesson will be given at the availability of the teacher’s schedule, and must be booked when the package is finished. If a lesson is missed or less than 24 hours notice is provided, no compensation can be given this includes illness and emergency.

c. Rescheduled lessons and make-up lessons cannot be changed again. It is the student’s responsibility to book any requested make-up lesson. If the teacher is unavailable for make-up lessons or the student cannot come at the offered times, then the lesson is forfeited, make-up lessons cannot be carried forward beyond the course duration.

d. COVID-19 NOTICE: Under these unique set of circumstances and in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, each time an official lockdown is designated, the sessions will be given ONLINE, our instructors will take advantage of the Zoom Video Communications platform to facilitate students ' weekly music lessons experience. Our focus is the health and safety of our instructors, students, and communities. While we understand that an in-person lesson is preferred, if you still prefer to take one-on-one you can HOLD your sessions during lockdown and take them twice per week or in double sessions option once the lockdown is finished. Kindly note that you must complete your courses before the time value(expiry) of your chosen package.  


   4. Class:

a. The presence of any person other than the professor and the student (like parents, friends, other students...) is strictly forbidden during lesson hours unless authorized by the administration.

b. Lebanese Music School cannot be held responsible if communications are made directly with the teachers.

c. It is strictly prohibited for both teacher and student to exchange any contact details (phone number, address, etc…).


   5. School Auditions:

The Lebanese Music School presents yearly concerts comprising of students in Music department to show their performance to their parents and friends. Our advertisement team may take photos and videos during lessons and performances to be used for marketing, social media and other publications as required.


   6. Public Auditions:

The Lebanese Music School encourages any public appearance of students in their school, university or media (Radio, TV, Press, etc...). However, it is preferable to advise the school director and the professor a previous written authorization to prepare the students for a good performance so they give a positive image of the school they are representing.


   7. Fees:

a. All communications for booking and rescheduling of lessons and making payments must bedone at the reception.

b.Registration fees will be paid at first entrance to the school, and then renewed once yearly.

c. The tuition fee varies according to the course, level, duration and subject.

d. Books are not included in the tuition fees.

e. Renewal of your course must be made a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the end of your current course.

f. Students are to get minimum 44 lessons for Academic Package and 11 lessons for Amateur Package. They must complete their courses before the time value(expiry) of the chosen package.

g. The school administration will be forced to suspend all lessons and to forbid access to class, as soon as the payment deadline date is not respected.

h. Paid tuition fees will not be reimbursed nor transferred to a third party for any reason. However, the student is allowed to substitute his selected course by another one.


   8. Academic Program Exams:

a. Students have to pass 1 or 2 exams yearly depending on their level.

b. Students who do not perform well in exams have the chance to do a make-up exam. In case of failure, students have to undergo the same level program for another year.

   9. Cancellation Policy for Online Sessions:

Online classes will not be recuperated in case of cancellation or any time change regardless of the reason except when the teacher is unavailable. It is very important that students advise the school administration of cancellation at least 24 hours before their online class in order to warn the teacher.

You can always contact us on or call us on +(961)70616828.

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